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What is Arcadia LEARNER ?

A high-quality, exclusive digital learning environment aligned to the Trinidad and Tobago primary school academic curriculum for students from Standards 1 – 5. Arcadia LEARNER supports the basic premise of a hybrid-mastery learning model. Arcadia LEARNER enables students to build on their foundations of face-to-face learning by providing them with expertly developed concept lessons and daily activities in a self-paced digital environment to gain content mastery ultimately. 

Arcadia LEARNER aims to revolutionize education by empowering students to progress with confidence!

Achieve Your Goals With Arcadia LEARNER

Frequently Asked Questions

Arcadia LEARNER offers conceptual lessons and daily ‘Sparklers’ activities aligned to the Trinidad and Tobago primary school curriculum in four (4) core subjects for Standards 1-5. 

The subjects offered in Arcadia LEARNER are Mathematics, English Language Arts (inclusive of Reading, Writing and Grammar), Science and Social Studies.

A student of Standards 1-5 should ideally use Arcadia LEARNER in parallel with their teacher’s delivery of the content to reinforce content to gain a greater academic advantage.

All Standards 1-5 learners… those who need to catch up, those who are on track, or those who want to get ahead.

– Homeschoolers

– Students who missed school due to illness or other circumstances 

– Students who need reinforcement of what was taught by their teachers

– Students who want an increased academic advantage

– Students preparing for the S.E.A (loads of reinforcement exercises and S.E.A practice) 


No, Arcadia LEARNER does not replace the classroom teacher.

Yes, Arcadia LEARNER easily replaces the after-school tutor.

An Arcadia LEARNER Star bundle single user license is affordable at the great value of TT$699 per school term. This includes access to Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies with the Daily ‘Sparkers’ Activities.  That’s less than TT$6 dollars per day! This competitive price fits into every parent’s budget. 

An Arcadia LEARNER Enterprise License (whole class/ school), please contact us.

Lessons and Daily ‘Sparklers’ Activities are unlocked every week throughout the term . This  ensures that your child does not become overwhelmed with the content. 

Yes, each user will require a unique email address to register with Arcadia LEARNER.

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