The Arcadia LEARNER Guarantee

If you do not see any significant progress in your child, we will refund you the total amount. Arcadia LEARNER works. We guarantee it!

Never settle for second-best and expensive after-school tutors ever again. If you want to see your child progress academically, Arcadia LEARNER delivers.

With Arcadia LEARNER, we guarantee:

What does all of this mean? With Arcadia LEARNER, you will see your child’s confidence grow. You will notice that they participate more in class. Homework time will be less, and grades will improve. You will see how happy your child is. You’ll know that you have made the right choice with Arcadia LEARNER.

The Arcadia LEARNER Guarantee applies only to Arcadia LEARNER Star students from Standards 1-5 (bundled enrollment with all four subject areas and daily activities). Students must complete at least 4 hours of online participation per week and pass at least 75% of the conceptual lessons and daily activities within 12 weeks to qualify for the Guarantee. If your child does not improve by at least 5% on their test at the end of the Term from the last Term, we will issue a full refund.

*Arcadia LEARNER is not affiliated with the T&T Ministry of Education

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